Iced-over roads + people who can't drive = very expensive (and dangerous) game of billiards

Raymond Chen

Unbelievable video of people in Portland, OR who should know better trying to drive down an icy road. (Direct WMV link. Interview with the person who shot the video, but you’re going to have to put up with the inane local news-anchor chatter. That last link includes images of cars that, yup, struck the fire truck.) It’s as if these people had lost control of all rational thought. When your car slowly skids to a halt after crashing into a half dozen stopped cars and other roadside obstacles, your brain should be telling you, “Boy, that was a really stupid idea. I should stop now before I kill myself or a pedestrian.” You do not punch the gas and accelerate into other cars like it’s a demolition derby.

I hope their insurance company sees this video.


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