2006 end-of-year link clearance

Raymond Chen

A few random links that I’ve collected.

And then the obligatory plug for my column in TechNet Magazine:

And then the obligatory book plug: The electronic-only PDF version is now available for purchase, and it’s cheaper than the dead tree edition. (Don’t forget that the dead tree edition comes with 45 days of free access to the electronic edition.) My prediction? “Jim Allchin will retire on November 13, 2006.” I was wrong. I based my prediction on the fact that Microsoft announced that Allchin “plans to retire at the end of calendar year 2006 following the commercial availability of Windows Vista.” The year was set; the rest was trying to guess the day. I haven’t seen any announcement saying that plans have changed, so I assume it’s still operative. The year isn’t over yet, but there’s not much time left.

(Then again, what is commercial availability? Apparently, the PR people think it means “the date the product is available to the general public at retail,” but to me it means “the date the product can be purchased.” So-called business availability was last month, and selling stuff to businesses is commerce, so that counts as commercial availability in my book. But apparently my interpretation of the English language doesn’t count for anything, so I’m expecting to see Jim’s letter of resignation on January 31st.)


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