The wisdom of seventh graders: What to do with a time machine (part 3)

Raymond Chen

(Continuing from part 2.) Here are more sentences from seventh grade time travel essays. Remember, these sentences are not representative of seventh grade writing in general; these are just the funny bits.

World History

  • I want to travel to the year 0 “B.E.” Before everything
  • My target would be Colorado. At a time of 115 mya (million years ago)
  • I would go to grease.
  • But still, the crusification of Christ is my favorite.
  • You might get rich from your invention, but probably not.
  • I can bring back people that would be dead.
  • I feel bad for them. I mean they are living a life without electronics!
  • They have nice people in Gotenberg, but not as nice at the malls.
  • I would go to the passed to learn about fashion an find a cure for cancer.
  • I want to go to the passed to get some knowlige and invensions to bring back.
  • I chose to travel to Europe for many reasons but the most important reason is because it was one of the first countries of the world.
  • What interests me the most is how all those major cities like: France, London, Italy and Venice all get along under one country.
  • Stealing from weary travellors and garding treasures! What could be more enjoyable than that.
  • One of the most memorable things about this time were the FIGHTS
  • I would tell him that people today are morons…
  • Those questions may never be answered. But one thing’s for sure, I would sure like to go back and find out.

The Future

: Most students who travelled to the future wanted to meet themselves.

  • There are thousands and thousands of books that tell about the past but there are much less books that tell about the future.
  • I would go to the future because I already know all about the past from history class.
  • A trip to the future could just as well be a trip to an asylum.
  • I’ve always wondered what I would look like in the future, I hope I’m not ugly.
  • I’d like to meet [my future self] to see if I’ve made my lifelong dream of being a doctor/actress a reality.
  • One day I want to play football for a collage.
  • I want to go 1000 years in the future to see if I have children or even grandchildren.
  • Maybe my friend will become a rock star (finally!) like he wants.
  • Most likely by then they would have a day honoring my sicnificence.
  • I want to take it out for a spin in the fucher.
  • Our whole plant could explode, and that might be bad.
  • I would be content with how I will change in the future as long as I will not turn bad!
  • Because I have always dreamed of having a dog team. Then I could compet in the eididorod every year.
  • Creatures and beats will live like we do.

Letter Format: Some students took advantage of the fact that the essay took the form of a letter.

  • You are a fanominal teacher.
  • Sincerely, Your disco-dancing student

Best Conclusion

  • But, I have one question before I go. How do I get back?


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