Tonya and Nancy: The Opera

Raymond Chen

No, really, it’s not a joke. There really is an opera written about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. And Only a Game is there.

The work was composed as a master’s thesis at Tufts University by Abigail Al-Doory and, as is the nature of said productions, it was performed exactly twice and then packed away.

Abigail Al-Doory: We’ve got our opening scene with the first press conference since the knee-whacking. Tonya and Nancy meet for the first time. Then we go into a flashback which shows the knee-whacking.

Bill Littlefield: Knee-whacking as opera. This is irresistable.

Abigail Al-Doory: It’s incredible to me. I mean, I wrote it, and every time I watch it…

Bill Littlefield: [interrupting, singing] “Oh ho ho ho! I whack your knee!” Something like that?

Abigail Al-Doory: Not exactly.

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