Disaster averted, thanks to international time zones

Raymond Chen

Boy, the world has been really lucky this year. After successfully avoiding a massive tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean, the world narrowly escaped global disaster as predicted by Yisrayl Hawkins, leader of the organization The House of Yahweh. What saved us? Well, I’ll let Mosheh Sang, leader of the organization in Kenya, explain:

According to Sang, a nuclear war between the US and North Korea only failed to kick off Tuesday as expected due to difference in international time zones.

But they’re not giving up yet. According to another leader, Eleazor Kamotho Mugwe:

It can take up to seven years from now for the said nuclear war to take place because the prophecy talks about September 12.

To play it safe, they’re going to stay underground for a year. In a sense, then, BoingBoing reader Dave Kriesel got it right. He predicted that the response would be, “Did I Say 9-12-2006? I meant to say 9-12-2007.”

Assuming the world hasn’t been destroyed by then, we’ll try to remember to check back on them next year, see how they’re doing.


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