Just because I don't write about .NET doesn't mean that I don't like it

Raymond Chen

Some people have inferred that I don’t write about .NET because I don’t like it. That’s not true. I use it myself. The reason I don’t write about .NET is because I’m not an expert on it and there are plenty of other .NET blogs out there, written by people who are actual experts. (Such as Maoni Stephens, whose little finger contains more knowledge about garbage collection than most people have in their entire brain.) No point adding to it with my non-expert view. Indeed, when I hit upon an interesting .NET topic or puzzle, I usually just forward it off to Brad for him to put on his blog. Because people looking for interesting .NET content go to Brad, not me. The fact that Rico Mariani was able to do a literal translation of the original C++ version into C# and blow the socks off it is a testament to the power and performance of managed code. It took me several days of painful optimization to catch up, including one optimization that introduced a bug, and then Rico simply had to do a little tweaking with one hand tied behind his back to regain the lead. Sure, I eventually won but look at the cost of that victory. (I’m told there’s one company that has decided against using managed code because “If Raymond doesn’t even want to mention the .NET Framework then why should we bother to look at it?” What a strange argument. I don’t mention IPsec; does that mean you shouldn’t use it either?)

But just to dispel the rumor (and to buck both my title and my tag line), I’m going to declare this week to be .NET week. All my technical articles this week will be about .NET. Enjoy it while you can.


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