Floyd Landis stuns everybody on stage 17; Raymond less impressive

Raymond Chen

Wow. I delayed my departure for work Thursday morning until the results were in. And then I was inspired by Floyd’s fantastic performance to kick it up a notch on one of the hills on my route, only to find about two thirds of the way up that there’s a reason I don’t normally go up the hill that fast… (On an unrelated note, a mini-van tried to run me off the road while I was heading up that hill. They pulled up next to me and then started a right turn. Fortunately I was able to escape to the right.) Okay, well, attacking that hill wasn’t such a great idea now, was it. I decided to continue with an alternate route that takes me up a different hill, and I was able to dispatch it with a decent amount of vigor. (Crossing the street at the top of the hill, another car tried to run me off the road. At the corner was a pedestrian and one other cyclist. A car pulled forward to make a right turn on red and didn’t notice the three people waiting to cross the street. Just as the driver decided that the coast was clear, the light turned green, and zoom off he went, right in front of us. A little squealing of bicycle brakes and nobody got hurt, at least not this time. That’s one of the skills you pick up as a bicyclist: Detecting which cars are going to try to kill you.)

Okay, so my attempt to “really show the road who’s in charge” wasn’t quite the overwhelming success I had hoped. Undaunted, I also picked up the pace on the way home, and at least that effort was successful: I set what I believe to be a personal best time. Go me.


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