Look who bought my name

Raymond Chen

Commenter Pavel Vozenilek noticed that if you type my name into Google, there is only one sponsored link, and it’s from Google themselves, inviting you to apply for a job there. (Maybe I should sue. Perhaps I can get a settlement.) When I mentioned this to some other people at Microsoft, they started hunting around to see what sort of ads came up on Google when they searched for other names. Eric Gunnerson and Brad Abrams are available at low prices, and you can get Randy Holloway on eBay. Of all the Microsoft bloggers, the only other one that gets the Google Jobs treatment is Larry Osterman. (Note: All links behaved as described when I originally wrote this entry; due to the nature of sponsored links, they may behave differently by the time you read this.)

[9am update: Wow that was fast. The Google Jobs links for Larry Osterman and me are already gone.]


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