Disaster averted, thanks to undisclosed government action, no really

Raymond Chen

On his web site, http://www.savelivesinmay.com, Eric Julien predicted that (and I hope I got this right) on May 25, 2006, comet fragments generated in 1995 by a hostile extraterrestrial civilization would impact the Atlantic Ocean near the Azores, followed by volcanic eruptions which would create a giant tsunami that would wipe out the East coast of the United States. As the fateful day approached, the predicted date turned into a 48-hour window, and then triumphant relief that the United States government heeded his warning and prevented the tsunami from striking. But we’re not out of the woods yet. “A catastrophe of an unprecedented size… may occur in the coming days if the media of the entire world does not inform the public immediately of the reality of the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth.” They’ll get right on that.

(By the way, the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth, originally scheduled for June 26, 2005, then rescheduled for June 26, 2006 has now been rescheduled for June 26, 2007.)


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