That's just super (and a note on baking)

Raymond Chen

Microspeak has its own lexicon. (Even larger dictionary here. I take issue with some of the definitions, but they are generally accurate.) In addition to the rather extensive use of the word “so” as an introductory particle, another peculiarity of Microspeak is the unusually frequent use of the word “super” as an intensifier, particular when used in the phrase “super excited“. Today’s contribution to the lexicon:

Bake – (of a code change) to build confidence by observing its behavior over a period of time. “The fix seems to be working in our branch but I want to let it bake another few weeks before we RI.” Related: “Bake time” – the time spent baking. “Fully-baked” – ready for distribution to a larger group. Etymology: Possibly influenced by “half-baked”.


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