Found blog: The Piehole

Raymond Chen

I have no idea who this person is, but she’s all attitude all the time. Like this entry from October 18, 2005 when Jennifer was recovering from a foot injury:

Men love a girl who can’t run away quickly

I got “wooey!”-ed by a garbage man on my way back to the office from lunch today… Because I’m so HAWT hobbling down the street. He could not resist my hobbling! I am hobbleicious! Sssssssss! *

And just so you know, being followed down the street by a garbage truck with someone screaming “YEAH BABY!” and “what’s your phone number?” is TOTALLY CLASSY!

* This is the sound of me sizzling!

It’s the asterisk that’s the icing on the cake.

From that web site’s blogroll you can springboard to a whole new world of outrageous content. Like My Boyfriend is a Twat or Inappropriately Dressed.


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