I won’t be signing books but don’t let that stop you

Raymond Chen

Whereas Eric Carter will be signing his book (co-authored with another Eric) at the PDC. I have no book of my own to sign, but will be happy to sign the Erics’ book if you ask me to! You can catch me in the Fundamentals Lounge pretty much the whole time.

There have been some changes to my talk since I wrote about it last time. The lecture style is gone; the material simply didn’t support it. It’s just going to be a conventional talk against a series of slides. I sort of painted myself into a corner with my title, Five Things Every Win32 Developer Should Know: If you should know it, then it can’t be all that advanced can it? As a result, my talk is really more of a high 200’s/low 300’s type of talk. But maybe just collecting all these factoids in one place makes it worthy of a 400 rating?


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