Hey, who flattened the hills?

Raymond Chen

This weekend, I went to a friend’s house on Mercer Island to see the US Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration team perform. They do this every summer as part of Seattle’s Seafair festival, but this was the first time I got to see the show up close and personal. The I-90 bridge is closed for safety reasons, and people are allowed to walk onto the highway (at least for a short distance) to get a better view of the demonstration.

Two summers ago my friend invited me to his place, but I made the mistake of trying to drive to Mercer Island—traffic was horrific and I finally arrived just as the show was wrapping up. (I did manage to glimpse a plane pass by at very low altitude though.) This year I decided to ride my bicycle to his house. It’s just an hour’s ride and I don’t have to worry about traffic! It seems that somebody flattened the hills along the bike path that follows highway I-90. Okay maybe it’s just that I’m in better shape now but I like to think it’s because they were nice enough to flatten the hills.


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