News flash: Everybody has to pay income tax

Raymond Chen

NFL rookies are required to attend “How not to mess up your life like those other professional athletes” training. They learn about such things as sexual harassment, AIDS, common-law marriage, and, of course, taxes.

Kendrell Bell, a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, tells of his great awakening to the verities of income tax: “I got a million-dollar signing bonus. But then I got the check, and it was only $624,000. I thought, Oh, well, I’ll get the other half later. Then I found out that’s all there was. I thought, They can’t do this to me. Then I got on the Internet and I found out they can.”

Shocking! Football players have to pay income tax! Where will the injustice end?

[Update: Yes, this is an inadvertent repeat. The link is better, though, not requiring a New York Times subscription.]


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