Competing to be the worst-dressed couple in America

Raymond Chen

The U.S. cable network TLC is putting on a special episode of What Not to Wear devoted to identifying the worst-dressed couple in America. It so happens that one of my friends knows one of the finalists, so we’ll be rooting for them. Or is it against them? Are you supposed to hope that your favorite is in fact the worst-dressed? Or should you be relieved that they’re only “sort of badly dressed but at least not the worst I’ve seen”? Yes, the show is a rip-off of the original BBC show. It’s interesting how we yanks look to our British neighbors as examples of quality television (What Not to Wear, Changing Rooms, The Office) and bemoan how U.S. television producers can only come up with drivel. Meanwhile, the Brits look right back (Hill Street Blues, Cheers, 24) and bemoan the same thing about their own television industry.

The other guy’s stuff is always better.


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