How to open those plastic packages of electronics without injuring yourself

Raymond Chen

Small electronics nowadays come in those impossible-to-open plastic packages. A few weeks ago I tried to open one and managed not to slice my hand with the knife I was using. (Those who know me know that knives and I don’t get along well.) Unfortunately, I failed to pay close attention to the sharp edges of the cut plastic and ended up cutting three of my fingers.

The next day, I called the manufacturer’s product support number and politely asked, “How do I open the package?”

The support person recommended using a pair of very heavy scissors. (I tried scissors, but mine weren’t heavy enough and couldn’t cut through the thick plastic.) Cut across the top, then down the sides, being careful to avoid the sharp shards you’re creating. (You might want to wear gloves.)

If you bought someone a small electronics thingie, consider keeping a pair of heavy scissors on hand. That’s my tip for the season.


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