Why all these articles about PAE and /3GB?

Raymond Chen

Apparently there is some unrest in comment-land with people who are sick of this whole /3GB series. Why have I been spending over two weeks exploring the consequences of the /3GB switch and exploding various common myths about it? Because too many people don’t understand what /3GB means but talk as if they do. As you saw yesterday, there are still lots of people out there that don’t understand the differences between physical memory, virtual memory, and virtual address space, and end up misconfiguring their computers or treating the switch as magic fairy dust. I’ve gotten tired of explaining it to misguided person after misguided person over the years, so I figured if I wrote up the explanation and debunkings once and for all, I won’t have to visit the topic ever again. You think you’re sick of /3GB? You’ve only had to deal with it for two weeks. Imagine having to explain the /3GB switch for six years!

At any rate, the 3GB series will draw to a close at the end of the week, assuming everything goes according to schedule. Then there will be other topics for you to be sick of.


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