Welcoming a new era in Swiss army knives

Raymond Chen

Victorinox, the company authorized to make so-called Swiss Army merchandise, has run into a bit of a problem: Is there anything else you could possibly think of putting on a pocketknife for an outdoorsman? And even if you did, there’s no room for it. The pocketknife has already reached the point where it’s too unwieldy to carry around in your pocket any more. So they decided to think outside the box. First, they let go of the “must fit in your pocket” concept. Welcome the Victorinox Swiss Champ XXLT. Check out the picture of the knife in its display box. The knife is as thick as it is long! Second, they let go of the whole “things for the outdoorsman” concept. Now you can get the Swiss Army Knife USB Drive and the Swiss Army Knife CyberTool.

Swiss Army Knife. For the geek in your life. Embrace it.


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