What, going to Sweden *again*?

Raymond Chen

It appears that I will have an opportunity to visit Sweden during the first week of June. I’ll have three days in Uppsala and three days in Lund, with a travel day in between. Now, I’ve already spent a week and a half in Uppsala, so perhaps I could spend the Uppsala days taking a ferry to Helsinki and back. (And I could visit Denmark from Lund…) My Swedish won’t be any better (well, okay, I learned a little more about formation of past participles, not like that counts for much), but I still enjoy trying. The hard part is finding someone patient enough to put up with all my fumbling and not switch to English out of frustration. (In Finland and Denmark, I’m just going to start in English with German as a fallback. Sorry, guys.)

The question facing me now is whether I should go. It hasn’t even been a month since my previous trip, and if the Finland thing doesn’t come together, I’ll be spending half my time in a city I’ve already visited. Hm…


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