Astonishingly, rules apply to everyone.

Raymond Chen

Spain’s Crown Prince and his fiancée are outraged that they had to go through airport security in Miami.

“The prince and his bodyguard felt they should not be subjected to the screening, but if they do not have an escort from the State Department or the Secret Service, it is required,” she added. “It is the law.”

Apparently, the Prince did not give the standard 72 hours’ notice to obtain pre-clearance. (Hm, I wonder if I can get pre-clearance by submitting my itinerary 72 hours in advance.) What bugs me even more is that the officials in Miami are all apologetic!

Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas sent the royal family a letter of apology on the same day, calling the situation “lamentable”.

Reminds me of an article in the New York Times Magazine a few years ago titled Life is a Contact Sport [fee required], describing a mandatory meeting for all NFL rookies to introduce them to the “real world”. My favorite part was this:

Kendrell Bell, a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, tells of his great awakening to the verities of income tax: “I got a million-dollar signing bonus. But then I got the check, and it was only $624,000. I thought, Oh, well, I’ll get the other half later. Then I found out that’s all there was. I thought, They can’t do this to me. Then I got on the Internet and I found out they can.”

Shocking! Football players have to pay income tax! Where will the injustice end?

Happy Tax Day (US).


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