Swedish spicy food

Raymond Chen

My friend Jonathan is acting as my host in Uppsala, and he was responsible for preparing dinner for a staff party at his nation. He chose curry. The same thing he chose the last time he was responsible for preparing dinner for a party. The last time, one of the attendees ceremonially dumped the curry into the trash because it was “inedible”. Translation: Too spicy. So this time he tried to tone it down. But by the time it came to taste-test the curry, it was already too hot. (Not hot at all by Thai standards. But this is Sweden we’re talking about.) But apparently this time the Swedes have become accustomed to slightly spicier food because nobody complained. At this party there was a lot of singing (from the official club song book), banging on tables, and lots and lots of drinking. Beer, wine, sangria, schnapps, whatever. Some of the students from the U.S. taught the Swedes how to play paddle-less beer pong, which was a hit because, well, it involves drinking.

College students + alcohol + Sweden. You do the math.


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