The Department of Homeland Security, the television series?

Raymond Chen

I am not making this up.

Current Terror Alert Level
Terror Alert Level

There’s a new television show based on The Department of Homeland Security, titled D.H.S.. I guess they realized that The O.C. was a hip edgy name so they’d try it too. The audio clips I heard on the radio seemed to make the DHS sound like a non-stop adrenaline-rush guns-drawn kind of department, when my personal experience tells me it’s a bunch of color-coordinated, shoe-inspecting, nail-clipper-confiscating X-ray machine operators.

I think they should have more realistic episodes, consisting of security personnel doing typical everyday things like X-raying their own heads or possibly getting upset when the Terror Alert Level changes color and they have to ditch their entire ensemble for the day and change into yellow, say.


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