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Raymond Chen

How soon before this becomes standard equipment at Star Trek conventions?

Vocera Communications Unveils Wearable, Instant Voice Communications Application “Enterprise environments are looking for applications that leverage their investment in wireless communication technologies and increase employee efficiency,” …

Some of the basic calling features include:

  • Call by name, “Call Bob Thomas.”
  • Call by function, “Call a cardiologist.”
  • Call by specific location, “Locate a clerk in gardening.” …

The Vocera Communications System

Vocera Communications Badge is a wearable device that weighs less than two ounces and can easily be clipped to a shirt pocket or worn on a lanyard. …

The Vocera Communications Badge is controlled using natural spoken language. To initiate a conversation with Jim and Mary, for example, the user would simply say, “Conference Jim Anderson and Mary Guscia.”


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