Updated content recommendations on your Microsoft 365 Developer Program dashboard

Office Add-ins team

We’ve made the content in the Microsoft 365 Developer Program dashboard better! By combining data science with your selected preferences, we’ve updated the dashboard to help you get started quickly with your preferred products and technologies.

How it works

In your developer dashboard, set your product and technology preferences. Then dive right into our quick starts, tutorials, and overview documentation to start developing right away.

In the following image, imagine you’ve selected Office Add-ins as a preferred product – you’ll notice that there is a pane of Concepts, which gives you essential documentation curated by our content team, and a panel for tailored Quick Starts, so you can dive right in to building your first Office Add-in.

Recommendations panel in the M365 Dev Program, showing tiles of personalized tutorials and documentation

When you change your preferences in the settings page, the dashboard will customize to your new selections. So no matter your preferred product or technology, the Microsoft 365 developer program will get you started on the right foot!

M365 Developer Program Preferences form, showing your preferred products, technologies, code languages, and platforms.

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