Update 3 on Office 365 Unified API

Office Add-ins team

Hi all, this is the third update for Office 365 unified API announcing a set of breaking changes that will roll in to the /beta endpoint effective today.


These changes are mostly property name changes that have little impact on the API functionality. We are making them to get more consistency across the API. Here is the list of name changes:

1. user.Folders is being renamed to user.mailFolders

2. Date time properties that had the naming convention: dateTimeX are now being renamed to XDateTime. This change impacts multiple entity and complex types, for example: dateTimeReceived is now receivedDateTime and dateTimeSent is now sentDateTime.

3. user, contact and group photo(s) are being renamed from userPhoto, contactPhoto and groupPhoto to be just photo for all three entities.


The next set of changes is the removal of two properties: event.reminder and group.emailAdress. You can continue to access the groups email address via group.mail. Instead of the property reminder, two new properties reminderMinutesBeforeStart and isReminderOn will be added.


Finally, there are also a set of new navigations, properties and actions that are being added to the API, all these additive changes are non-breaking, but you might be interested on looking the $metadata of the service to see how much the API is growing.


Remember Office 365 unified API is currently in preview, we are working hard to release it soon, as part of this we will continue making some changes, including breaking changes, in /beta to incorporate feedback and improve the API as we get ready for v1.0.  Once v1.0 launches, we will continue to update beta on a regular basis, even with potentially breaking changes, but versioned end points will not have breaking changes once they’re released.


Please continue to provide your feedback and questions via stackoverflow and uservoice. Thank you for your input and happy coding.

~ Yina Arenas for the Office 365 unified API team

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