Titus Classification for Outlook on the web built on the Office Add-in platform

Office Add-ins team

Matthew McCormick, Director of Product Management, Titus

Titus Classification for Microsoft Outlook on the web is a security and governance add-in that enables organizations to ensure consistent and prudent handling of Outlook emails in real time. Titus helps Outlook on the web users:

  • Identify and classify emails based on data sensitivity
  • Automate warnings, viewing restrictions, and other actions to stay on the right side of organizational policies
  • Automatically detect and notify users about PII and other sensitive data in outbound emails

Why we build on the Office Add-ins platform

Titus classification and data security software has been a trusted front end for desktop-based Microsoft products for years. This has worked very well for enterprise clients, but we recognize that the way people work is changing.

People don’t want to be tethered to desktop applications anymore – they’re using cloud-based productivity tools like Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the web, and want to be free to use them with the same level of data security they’ve come to expect, even when using a mobile device. The Add-ins platform helped us integrate our award-winning data identification and classification tools into the web version of Outlook.

How we build Titus for Outlook on the web

The Titus for Outlook on the web add-in is a replica of Titus’s long standing data protection products for Microsoft, rebuilt on the Office Add-ins platform. This allowed us to take advantage of in-house skill-sets using familiar web technologies such as JavaScript, while developing a product flexible enough to be used on any device.

Build once, deploy anywhere

One of the major bonuses of using the Office Add-ins platform is that it allows us to develop one code base and apply it across multiple platforms. Once we developed the add-in code, we were able to use the same code and apply it to a range of Office products – for example, we were able to build one solution and deploy it across Outlook on the web and Outlook for Mac. When we did have questions or comments, Microsoft’s extensibility team was always there, very easy to work with, and receptive to our feedback.

Centralized deployment

One of the biggest bonuses to developing on the Office Add-ins platform is how it utilizes centralized deployment through the Office 365 admin portal. It’s a much more streamlined deployment process than the alternative, which makes it easier to quickly push code to various endpoints.

Real-time data identification and classification – everywhere

Titus Classification for Outlook on the web allows people to work how they want to work, and provide consistent data identification, classification and policy enforcement technology in every email they send or receive – no matter if their email client lives on the desktop or in the cloud. It ensures all emails are classified before they are sent, using an intuitive user interface integrated into Outlook on the web workflows.

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