Replying to a Kaizala message or action

Kaizala Developer Platform team

In this post, I will introduce the replyToReferenceId property that enables you to reply to a message or action (attachment, custom card, image, etc.) on Kaizala group. This is required when you want to have a threaded conversation using API [or] bot scenario where you want to reply to a specific user query.

For this example, you start with sending a message to get a reference id and will subsequently use this reference ID to send a reply. If you are new to Kaizala APIs, would suggest you read the post Getting started with Kaizala APIs.

Sending a message to a subscriber

For this example, I will send a message to a subscriber in a managed hub and spoke group using the /messages endpoint directed to a subscriber. Refer below screenshot for an example. The response on success will return a referenceId – cache this for the next step.

Send a message to a subscriber in a public group

Replying to the message

To reply to a message (or action), you will need to add an additional replyToReferenceId field in the request body which will have the reference ID from the previous example. The following screenshot is an example of how you reply to the message.

Screenshot of replyToReferenceID field

Hope that was helpful in allowing you to reply to a message or action in Kaizala. Please note, if you are replying to a message that was directed to a subscriber(s), the reply action API call also needs to carry that subscribers list (as shown in this example).

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