Office Go-to-Market (GTM) Guide for ISVs

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We’re excited to share a new resource designed to help ISVs like you successfully bring your Office-integrated solutions to market: the Office Go-to-Market (GTM) Guide for ISVs. Whether you’re developing Office web apps, Office or SharePoint add-ins, Microsoft Graph–powered apps, Connectors, Skype for Business solutions, or any combination, you’ll find useful information about available programs, tools, and resources to help you develop and implement your GTM strategy.

Relevant to your business scenario

The Office GTM Guide for ISVs provides guidance for developers and individuals who are on the teams that drive the launch and sales strategies for your solution. Explore content that covers a variety of business scenarios:

  • If you’re new to developing an Office solution, you can learn more about each step of the GTM process.
  • If you’re currently developing a solution that integrates with Office, you can get details about how to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts at your current phase in the process.
  • If you’ve previously developed an Office solution, find information to help you enhance your current GTM strategy.

Covering the end-to-end solution lifecycle

From designing and developing your solution—and your GTM strategy—to launching the first release and managing the evolution of your solution, you’ll find details about programs, tools, and resources that can help you succeed at various phases of your solution’s lifecycle.

The Guidebook consists of the following sections:


Introduces you to the Office Go-to-Market for ISVs guide and what makes it an important resource of information about and awareness of programs, tools, and resources to help you successfully bring your Office integrations to market. Get a preview of the six components of the guide and why you should focus your efforts throughout the entire lifecycle of development.


Create Your Strategy

Provides insight into developing your marketing strategy, which is critical to the success of your Office solution and your ability to attract customers. Through research we conducted with numerous ISVs, we found time and again—those that develop their plans before building products or solutions have a significantly higher potential for success when they launch.


UX Best Practices

As you design your Office solution, consider the overall user experience and how you will deliver the value you promised to your users. In this module, you’ll find guidance and best practices for creating experiences in Office and SharePoint.


Launch First Release

To ensure a successful first release of your solution, this module provides tips and tricks to help you:

  • Create a strong Office Store presence.
  • Drive traffic to your Store listing.
  • Invest in the customer funnel.
  • Drive and respond to customer reviews.


Managing Your App Lifecycle

This module is focused on the steps you need to consider when managing and updating your solution.

Details in this section of the guide explore several topics, including how to manage your user experience, feedback, and reviews; how to analyze available metrics to monitor the health of your solution; and how to manage and test iterations and updates for new releases.


Utilize Programs

This module walks you through the Microsoft programs that are available to help you successfully go to market.  Learn about a variety of programs available to help you reach new customers and markets through launch planning, global expansion, channel development, lead sharing, and much more.




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