Add-in Commands in OWA and Outlook on the Mac

Office Add-ins team

Add-ins are a great way to increase usage of your apps by making them accessible directly within Outlook. We previously announced add-in commands availability in Outlook desktop. Add-in commands have simplified the user interaction with add-ins while also making their presence more visible and engaging. We are pleased to announce the add-in commands feature is now available in Outlook on the Mac, through the Office Insiders program, and Outlook on the web.

If you’ve already developed an add-in using add-in commands, the feature will work in Outlook on the web and Outlook on the Mac without any changes. If you haven’t yet updated your add-in to use add-in commands, the move will result in some cosmetic changes. In the new model, we’ve improved discoverability by the inclusion of icons to represent the add-ins which are now clearly visible next to regularly used actions such as reply.

A screenshot of add-in command button in Outlook on the web.
In Outlook on the web, the location of add-in icons is now more prominent and easier for users to discover.

Add-in commands increase discoverability and user engagement of add-ins and now work across multiple Outlook endpoints. To learn more about add-in commands, visit

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