New Office Add-ins Analytics Report in Universal Store Dev Center and Seller Dashboard

Office Add-ins team

Have you ever wondered how many users are launching your Office Add-ins? Or how a recent change has impacted your user return rates?

Today we are excited to announce the availability of enhanced Office Add-in analytics within the Universal Store Dev Center. The new Usage report shows how customers are using your add-in across Windows (2016), Mac (2016), iOS, and Web apps. Cohort return rates as well as breakouts by market are also included.

The new report can be accessed in both the Universal Store Dev Center and your Seller Dashboard via the left navigation bar as “Usage” under the “Analyze” section.  Access to legacy reports are still available under “Legacy Reports.”

the new report can be found under left navigation bar as “Usage” under the “Analyze” section

What is Seller Dashboard?

If you want your Office Add-in, Office 365 web app, Power BI custom visual or Microsoft Teams apps to appear in the Office Store, you need to submit it to the Seller Dashboard for approval.  Seller Dashboard also provides analytics on the performance of your solution.  You can visit our documentation on how to submit your solutions to the Office Store to learn more.

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