New Microsoft Graph powered developer template supports work life balance and compliance

Office Add-ins team

Today we are releasing a Timesheet Tool developer template to create your own applications which can give intelligent work insights with the Microsoft Graph and demonstrate how Office extensibility can support local compliance efforts.

In some countries like Japan, local regulations exist to prevent employees from overworking, which leads to lack of work life balance and possible compliance violations. Employees can find it difficult to track actual time spent working while completing their timesheets. With the power of the Microsoft Graph, employees can get a custom view on their work week, based on Graph data, and consider improvements for better work-life-balance.


Customized reports using Microsoft Graph data
Customized reports using Microsoft Graph data

The Timesheet Tool developer template uses calendar and email activities to compute the time employees spend in Office 365 – providing employees, managers and HR visibility on employee work trends and can enable compliance efforts.

With the Timesheet Tool template solution, you can:

  • Integrate worked hours with Office 365 usage
  • Supports some local compliance and improve employee work life balance
  • Have access to data and insights from Office 365

Employee specific views and time tracking
Employee specific views and time tracking

The templates use the Microsoft Graph to look at activity data across Office 365 services and then includes the addition of workhours data from external sources. All the data is stored in SharePoint and can be deployed as an intranet portal.

We’re excited to make this template available and look forward to continued feedback and contributions from our developer community in the coming weeks.

Partners are already working with the template to create solutions to help customers’ compliance requirements.

Discoveries, Inc

Discoveries Inc has created a solution to analyze customer’s data to understand how employees are using Office 365 by leveraging the Microsoft Graph. Our customers can then gain insights to increase productivity, suggest changes for enhancing team engagement and meeting local labor compliance regulations.

To learn more about our Microsoft Graph resources, join the Office Developer program. As an open source project, we actively encourage participation in the community of other like-minded developers. To get more information about the reference solution being shared, check out the project on GitHub. 



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