Microsoft Graph is now generally available in China

Office Add-ins team

In November 2015, we announced the general availability of Microsoft Graph, located at  The Microsoft Graph exposes APIs, data and intelligence across Office 365 and Azure AD, and we are continuing to build towards a near future where multiple graphs and all APIs throughout Microsoft contribute to, and are accessible through, a single unified gateway to the power of the Microsoft cloud. Any developer capable of making an HTTP request can call the API, from any platform, and once-siloed Office 365 services can now be directly navigated via Microsoft Graph. For developers, what used to be 50+ lines of code are now cut to five.
As part of our commitment to this rich and powerful developer platform, we are pleased to announce that Microsoft Graph for services operated by 21Vianet in China is now available at More details on the service capabilities can be found here.

The Office Extensibility Team

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