Project Online CSOM library Availability and Sample Code

Office Add-ins team

We are happy to announce the availability of the Project Online CSOM library.  The library contains access to all the enhancements we have made towards improving our API.  The Project Online CSOM library has been added to the SharePoint Online CSOM Nuget package.  We will continue to use the Nuget package as our way of distributing updates going forward.  When you add the Nuget package to your project you will see the ‘Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.dll’ and the package will contain all the dependencies needed to call Project Online.

Project Online CSOM library

In order to help our customers to start writing Project Online add-ins, we have created a few code samples  and posted them on GitHub.  They are available for everyone to use in order to learn about Project Online and even incorporate into their add-ins.  The code samples include examples on how to call Project Online using CSOM .NET library, the REST and JSOM calling Project and Resource business objects.  We will continue to publish more code samples in the future.

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