Introducing API-based message extensions in Microsoft Teams Developer Portal

Srinidy Ravichandran

We’re thrilled to announce a new exciting feature in the Teams Developer Portal – API-based message extensions. This cutting-edge functionality opens a world of possibilities, allowing your apps to interact seamlessly with external services via API securely and efficiently.


  • API-based message extensions only support search commands.
  • API-based message extensions are available only in public developer preview.

What does it mean for you as a developer?

Imagine your Teams app not just confined to the limits of pre-defined features but expanded to interact with a multitude of external APIs. This means more power, more flexibility, and enhanced user experience. Whether it’s fetching data from a CRM, integrating with a project management tool, or connecting to a custom analytics service, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Enhanced Functionality: Leverage the power of external APIs to enhance your Teams app’s capabilities.
  2. Customized Interactions: Tailor the user experience by integrating unique services and data relevant to your app.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: Reduce the need to switch between apps, thereby increasing efficiency and user satisfaction.
  4. Security: With API security as a top priority, rest assured that your data exchanges are protected.

Getting started is easy

Ready to take your Teams app to the next level? The integration process is designed to be developer friendly. Visit the Teams Developer Portal today to start leveraging the power of API-based message extensions. With our comprehensive documentation and supportive developer community, you’re just steps away from transforming your app’s capabilities and offering unparalleled user experience.

Screenshot of message extension options

Screenshot of command options

Let’s innovate, integrate, and elevate the Teams experience together. Try out the API-based message extensions now and unleash the potential of your Teams app!

Join the future of Teams apps

This release is more than just a feature; it’s an opportunity for developers to explore new horizons and create more dynamic, interactive, and powerful Teams applications. We can’t wait to see the innovative ways you’ll use the API-based message extension to take your Teams apps to the next level.

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