Enable compliance scenarios with hosted content and delta message APIs in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams team

Compliance and archiving are critical scenarios that all organizations rely on to ensure sensitive data is managed appropriately and kept safe. With millions of users utilizing Microsoft Teams as their collaboration hub, it’s important that the information shared within these communications remain safe and secure – and that’s where Microsoft Graph can help provide developers with the APIs to build solutions that help in that process. That’s why we’re excited to share the general availability of the hosted content and delta messages APIs that are now available on the Microsoft Graph v1.0 endpoint. The availability of these APIs will enable developers to expand the capabilities of their solutions for critical compliance and archiving scenarios.

The below are the APIs available as part of this release:

  • List hosted Contents in a channel message
  • List hosted Contents in a chat message
  • Get hosted Contents in a channel message
  • Get hosted Contents in a chat message
  • chatMessages delta

For more information, see our technical documentation:

Next steps

We look forward to your feedback on these APIs. Please connect with us on Microsoft Q&A for your feedback and how we can improve going forward!

Happy coding!



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