Announcing public preview of SharePoint Framework 1.12.1

SharePoint team

We are excited to announce new public preview of SharePoint Framework 1.12.1 with a new public quality assurance model which we will follow up with all the upcoming SharePoint Framework releases.

Given the unexpected regressions with the SharePoint Framework 1.12 release, we wanted to take this opportunity to revisit our release pipeline and improve the quality assurance. Partner created SharePoint Framework solutions are used by tens of millions of users in Microsoft Teams and in SharePoint Online every month, so we want to have more focus on the providing more reliable releases with improved process where our customers and partners can confirm the impact of upcoming versions for their solutions.

Starting from the version 1.12.1, we are moving to following release cycle:

  • Perform extensive internal testing for the planned release internally.
  • Release always public beta to public npm registry for our ecosystem to have access on beta versions.
  • Collect feedback and possible issues using public issue list for providing transparency on the status of the build.
  • Keep the beta timeline at minimum 10 days, preferable longer.
  • Publish general availability of the version when the possible issues have been addressed.

Installing correct version

You can install latest production ready version using following command – which will take the latest in production version.

npm install @microsoft/generator-sharepoint@latest --global

You can install preview of the upcoming version by using following command – which will use the latest available preview version.

npm install @microsoft/generator-sharepoint@next --global

These tags will be automatically pointed to the correct recommended versions which are available from npm registry.

Support and issue reporting

If you find any regressions or issues as part of your testing around the SharePoint Framework preview versions, please report them using following GitHub issue list.


See following documentation for more details on the 1.12.1 release and guidance on the preview releases.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 13th of April 2021

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