Duration of change tracking tokens for identity and education resources

Vincent Biret

Change tracking uses delta queries to let applications discover newly created, updated, or deleted entities without performing a full read of the target resource with every request.

Effective today, delta links for identity and access and education resources have a lifetime of seven (7) days instead of the previous lifetime of thirty (30) days.

If you obtained a delta link from a previous delta request and query Microsoft Graph with this delta link more than seven days after the initial query, you will receive a BadRequest response with the error code “syncStateNotFound” and the following error message: “The sync state generation is not found. The delta token is expired and data must be synchronized again.”

To fix that error, simply start a full synchronization again, and update your code to ensure that your application will query Microsoft Graph before the deadline of seven days.

Affected resources

The following resources are affected by the change of delta link lifetime.

Identity and access resources

Education resources

Next steps

Use delta query to track changes in Microsoft Graph data

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