Breaking changes for Microsoft Teams beta APIs – permissions for installing personal apps, removing unused properties from code snippets

Nick K

At the end of July, we will make the following changes to the beta endpoint. APIs on the v1.0 endpoint are not affected. Changes include:

  • Different permissions for app installations for a user – To improve security by running with least privilege, we have created new permission scopes for /users/{id}/teamwork/installedApps, and are dropping support for overly broad permissions. See below for details.
  • Removing redundant data from code snippets inside chatMessages – In order to simplify the developer experience and reduce payload size, we are removing some unused properties from code snippets. See below for details.

Different permissions for /users/{id}/teamwork/installedApps

We are removing support for User.Read.All, User.ReadWrite.All, Directory.Read.All, and Directory.ReadWrite.All permissions from these APIs:

GET /users/{id}/teamwork/installedApps
POST /users/{id}/teamwork/installedApps
DELETE /users/{id}/teamwork/installedApps/{id}
POST /users/{id}/teamwork/installedApps/{id}/upgrade

Instead, use one of these permissions:

  • TeamsAppInstallation.ReadForUser (delegated)
  • TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForUser (delegated)
  • TeamsAppInstallation.ReadForUser.All (application)
  • TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForUser.All (application)

Removing redundant data from code snippets inside chatMessages

Some chatMessages have code snippet cards inside them, embedded in the content property of an attachment. That content itself has a bunch of properties, we are removing some properties that are redundant.

For example, GET /teams/{id}/channels/{id}/messages/{id} returns something like this, we are simplifying the bolded part:

    “@odata.context”: “$metadata#teams(‘bdb7bcda-9c3b-4341-b9a9-f52bf9a23407’)/channels(‘’)/messages/$entity”,
    “id”: “1584126765017”,
    “replyToId”: null,
    “etag”: “1584126765017”,
    “messageType”: “message”,
    “createdDateTime”: “2020-03-13T19:12:45.017Z”,
    “lastModifiedDateTime”: null,
    “deletedDateTime”: null,
    “subject”: null,
    “summary”: null,
    “importance”: “normal”,
    “locale”: “en-us”,
    “webUrl”: “”,
    “policyViolation”: null,
    “from”: {
        “application”: null,
        “device”: null,
        “conversation”: null,
        “user”: {
            “id”: “…”,
            “displayName”: “…”,
            “userIdentityType”: “aadUser”
    “body”: {
        “contentType”: “html”,
        “content”: “<div><div>Test</div>\n\n<div>&nbsp;</div>\n\n<div><attachment id=\”8c984810e000471c80fe624a2755444f\”></attachment></div>\n</div>”
    “attachments”: [
            “id”: “8c984810e000471c80fe624a2755444f”,
            “contentType”: “application/”,
            “contentUrl”: null,
            “content”: “{\r\n  \”observers\”: [],\r\n  \”type\”: \”application/\”,\r\n  \”cardButtons\”: [],\r\n  \”tapButton\”: null,\r\n  \”cardSender\”: null,\r\n  \”replyChainId\”: \”\”,\r\n  \”conversationId\”: \”\”,\r\n  \”alwaysExpand\”: false,\r\n  \”viewOnly\”: false,\r\n  \”clientMessageId\”: \”\”,\r\n  \”serverMessageId\”: \”\”,\r\n  \”messageType\”: \”\”,\r\n  \”isInputExtension\”: false,\r\n  \”hasMentions\”: false,\r\n  \”handler\”: \”codeSnippetDialog_496bb293-6fa6-42c3-a2d8-521fcbd8afff\”,\r\n  \”editable\”: true,\r\n  \”id\”: \”8c984810e000471c80fe624a2755444f\”,\r\n  \”name\”: \”\”,\r\n  \”language\”: \”Text\”,\r\n  \”lines\”: 1,\r\n  \”cardClientId\”: \”8c984810e000471c80fe624a2755444f\”,\r\n  \”wrap\”: false,\r\n  \”codeSnippetUrl\”: \”$value\”\r\n}”,
            “name”: null,
            “thumbnailUrl”: null
    “mentions”: [],
    “reactions”: []

Here’s what that bolded part looks like today when reformatted to be readable:

    “name”: “”,
    “language”: “Text”,
    “lines”: 8,
    “wrap”: false,
    “codeSnippetUrl”: “$value” ,

    “observers”: [], // going away

    “type”: “application/”, // going away
    “cardButtons”: [], // going away
    “tapButton”: null, // going away
    “cardSender”: null, // going away
    “replyChainId”: “”, // going away
    “conversationId”: “”, // going away
    “alwaysExpand”: false, // going away
    “viewOnly”: false, // going away
    “clientMessageId”: “”, // going away
    “serverMessageId”: “”, // going away
    “messageType”: “”, // going away
    “isInputExtension”: false, // going away
    “hasMentions”: false, // going away
    “handler”: “codeSnippetDialog_c4f35431-2b9b-4158-aef4-b377bdc82357”, // going away
    “editable”: true, // going away
    “id”: “ddd76144c464484ba8c1f42975cfe1ac”, // going away
    “cardClientId”: “ddd76144c464484ba8c1f42975cfe1ac”  // going away

Here’s what it will look like after we remove the redundant fields:

{ “name”: “”, “language”: “Text”, “lines”: 8, “wrap”: false, “codeSnippetUrl”: “$value” }

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-Microsoft Teams


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