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Yammer Partner Q&A: Fyrebox’s Founder, Cyril Gaillard

Founded in 2013 and based in Australia, Fyrebox makes it easy for businesses to create a quiz for their website or landing page. In 2016, they integrated with Yammer because they saw a shared market -

Yammer Partner Q&A: Wiretap’s Co-Founder, Matt Huber

Founded in 2014, Wiretap interfaces with social networks to allow companies to safely grow, learn from, and secure their social interactions. The inspiration to build an app for Yammer Networks came

Yammer Partner Q&A: Badgeville’s Senior Software Engineers

Visible recognition in an enterprise social network is a powerful way for peers to highlight each other's strengths and accomplishments.  One way to give recognition is with a digital badge

Yammer Partner Q&A: Process Street’s CTO, Cameron McKay

The benefit of online forums is that developers can learn from each other. At Yammer, we expand on this knowledge sharing by publishing interviews with the developers of successful Yammer

Edit Posts in Yammer – What’s Changing & What’s Staying the Same

In 2016, Yammer announced an upcoming feature – the ability for users to edit messages after posting. Although it's been a complex technical challenge, we expect the feature to launch this