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Dev Proxy v0.16 with simulated handling Teams Admin Center notifications for Microsoft Graph connectors

We're excited to share the launch of Dev Proxy v0.16, with new features for Microsoft Graph connectors and more.

Dev Proxy v0.15 with simulating CRUD APIs secured with Microsoft Entra

We’re excited to announce the release of Dev Proxy v0.15, with new features that allow you to spend more time building your app and less time on things you won’t be shipping.

Dev Proxy v0.14 with generating OpenAPI specs and simulating CRUD APIs

Make your apps more robust with the latest Dev Proxy release, packed with features that take building apps connected to APIs to the next level.

Dev Proxy v0.13 with new guidance and inspecting web requests

Whether you're building apps for Microsoft 365 or any other type of application using any API, Dev Proxy has got you covered.

Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy v0.12 with new mocking capabilities

Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy v0.12 features new mocking capabilities to help develop and test your applications.

Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy v0.10 with support for batching and improved $select guidance

Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy v0.10 introduces the preview ability to fail and detect minimal permissions in batch requests and improves the $select guidance to help you build more performant applications.

Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy v0.9 with over-consenting guidance

In this new version of the Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy, we are introducing the preview ability to detect over-consented apps that use Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.8 with minimal permissions detection and improved simulating throttling

In this new version of Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy, we’re excited to introduce the preview ability to detect minimal permissions for calling Microsoft Graph APIs, improved simulation of throttling, and caching guidance.

Join us for HackTogether: The Microsoft Teams Global Hack

Join us for our virtual hackathon, June 1 - 15, to learn how to build powerful apps for Microsoft Teams. Join live events, connect with Microsoft experts and win awesome prizes!

Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy v0.7 with extended configuration options and improved simulating throttling

Build resilient and performant apps with the latest preview version of the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy. In this new version, we’re excited to introduce the ability to exclude specific URLs, improved throttling and streamlined UI.