Microsoft Graph tutorial and quick start updates – April 2020

Jason Johnston

Hello Microsoft Graph developers! We wanted to provide some information about the latest updates to our Microsoft Graph tutorials and quick starts, and share the upcoming plans to improve and expand these experiences.

Tutorial and quick start refresh

All of the “Build your first…” tutorials are now refreshed using the latest tools, SDKs, and dependencies. The corresponding quick start downloads are also updated. Beyond just updating these to the latest versions, we’ve made some other improvements:

  • Corresponding GitHub repositories are simplified. Previously each repository contained three different versions of the same project. These were essentially “snapshots” of the project at various stages of the tutorial. These were removed, making it both easier to maintain and easier to find the code you’re looking for.
  • The tutorial content, which is in Markdown, now pulls code snippets directly from the completed sample when possible. The code is no longer pasted into the Markdown. This makes it easier to accept community contributions – updates to the source code will automatically update the tutorial!
  • The old ASP.NET tutorial was replaced with the Build ASP.NET MVC web applications with the Microsoft Graph .NET SDK Learn module. It’s basically the same tutorial, but now you can earn XP and a badge if you’d like. It’s also a part of the Build apps with Microsoft Graph learning path.

What’s coming

Here’s what we have planned for tutorials and quick starts in the coming months.

  • Expanding the functionality of the tutorials. Currently, our tutorials take you through creating a new project, adding Azure AD authentication, then making a simple read call to Microsoft Graph (GET /me/events). We’ve heard feedback asking for write calls, so we’re going to expand the existing tutorials to go further. The current idea is to replace the basic event list with a calendar view and add the ability to add new events to the calendar. We would also like to add the user’s profile photo to the tutorials.
  • Addition of an ASP.NET Core tutorial.

Call to action

We love feedback! Please check out the tutorials and/or quick starts and let us know what you think. For existing tutorials, the best way to give us feedback is to open an issue on the corresponding GitHub repository. Each tutorial has a link to its GitHub repo in the introduction. For quick starts, the repositories are listed in our quick start FAQ.

We’d also like to hear about languages or platforms that you feel we’re missing in our existing tutorials and quick starts. Please add a suggestion on UserVoice.


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