Announcing SharePoint Framework 1.11: Extend more of Microsoft Teams, and publish to AppSource

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SharePoint Framework (SPFx) has emerged as one of the most popular extensibility points across Microsoft 365 – thousands of different solutions have been built using SharePoint Framework, and every day, millions of users visit sites and teams that have been customized with these solutions.  The demand for customized experiences is clearly high – and to address this, we are taking steps to make it even easier to find and deploy the right solution for your teams and your organization, through a common commercial marketplace.

We’re pleased to announce the next step to make SharePoint Framework solutions widely available by supporting publishing in Microsoft AppSource, the commercial marketplace for Microsoft 365. Today, version 1.11 to SharePoint Framework is now available, which adds new marketplace description capabilities for developers.  With this version of SharePoint Framework, software vendors can now publish SharePoint Framework solutions to the marketplace and to the SharePoint store, making it even easier for administrators to find and deploy new SharePoint customizations.

With SharePoint Framework version 1.11, additional metadata around the solution, including Teams capabilities, can be added by developers into their SPFx packages to prepare them for submission to the store.  Once a package has been updated to the 1.11’s version of the manifest and various properties are updated, that solution can then be submitted to the AppSource validation experience. To find out more about publishing your app to the store, read this guide for adding apps via Partner Center, and see the release notes for SharePoint Framework version 1.11.

For developers, you can use Microsoft Partner Center to manage the process of submitting your SharePoint Framework solutions. Once validated and approved, your solution will become available in the in-product store, as well as Microsoft AppSource. As a developer, you can also take advantage of marketplace capabilities – for example, adding transactions to your core SaaS app, or participating in Marketplace Rewards.

SharePoint application within AppSource

SharePoint applications within AppSource

For IT administrators, deployment is consistent with how an administrator would add an add-in via the Store – in the SharePoint app catalog, select add an app, show Store apps, and then choose from the newly available apps.   After prompts to ensure that you trust the vendor of a solution, your application will be added to the SharePoint app catalog.  From there, you can optionally deploy Teams extensions from the package, if any.  We expect within weeks applications from many valued partners will soon be available through the Store.

Extending Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Framework continues to grow and expand as a set of tools for extending Microsoft Teams – more users are experiencing Tabs in Teams that were built with SPFx.  With SharePoint Framework version 1.11, and alongside technologies such as the Microsoft Bot Framework, SharePoint Framework developers can create task modules and messaging extensions experiences within Microsoft Teams – enabling developers to directly extend chat conversations with the power of the web and SharePoint Framework.

To see a preview and demonstration of both new Teams capabilities and Store options, see our Build session that covers these updates to the SharePoint Framework.  To everyone who has built SPFx solutions, now is a great time to consider whether you want to make them more broadly available with a range of capabilities through the Microsoft commercial marketplace.  For every administrator, stay tuned to see the broad array of new apps that will become available for SharePoint within AppSource.  We look forward to the many new solutions developers will offer through these marketplace experiences, and across SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

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