Microsoft Graph Schema extensions is now available in US Government Clouds

Microsoft Graph team

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Microsoft Graph Directory Schema extensions in US Government clouds. Schema extensions have been available in the commercial cloud and we’re excited to extend these capabilities to the US Government cloud.

Updated 28th October 2020: Microsoft Graph schema extensions capabilities are now available in Microsoft Cloud China operated by 21 Vianet.

Why use schema extensions

Schema extensions allow you to define a schema that you can use to extend a resource type. Schema extensions like open extensions can be extended onto several different resource types inside of Microsoft Graph and they allow you to add your own information to the resources types inside of Microsoft Graph.  You can also control the status of your schema extension and let it be discoverable by other apps. These apps can in turn use the extension for their data and build further experiences on top of it. Schema extensions is supported across major resource types like user, group, device, calendar and more. email and calendar event.

How to get started with schema extensions

Get started with schema extensions by reviewing our documentation below:


-The Microsoft Graph Team

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