Announcing new Microsoft 365 unified sample gallery with over 1,000 samples

Microsoft 365 Platform team

Microsoft 365 has countless cool features and platform capabilities, so it can be challenging to get started building solutions from scratch. We hear time and again from partners and customers that samples are the key to generate demand – as they inspire and showcase the art of possible.

There are hundreds of samples in GitHub provided by Microsoft and our community, but it can be hard to find what you are looking for across the hundreds of different GitHub repositories. To make it easier for you, we are releasing a new Unified Microsoft 365 sample gallery. This gallery provides easy search functionality to find the relevant samples for you. It’s a one-stop location for finding all the latest samples around Microsoft 365 provided by Microsoft and the community.

You can find the sample gallery on the Microsoft Adoption portal – simply by going to

Watch the quick introduction on the newly released gallery in this video:

As shown in the video, the gallery has a few great features to make finding of the relevant sample(s) as easy as possible. It has a community contributor profile view where you can see all the samples which specific community members have provided. These pages also support deep links, so community members can share the list of their samples easily as one link.

You can filter the samples based on the product or service – in this example, Microsoft Graph samples.

Image filter based on product


You can also filter the samples based on who has provided them. In this example, we show Office Developer MVP Smita Nachan:

Image smita nachan


As a community contributor, you can share your samples with the Microsoft 365 Platform Community (PnP) organization. They will be automatically listed in the Microsoft 365 unified sample gallery with a specific sample.json file which we ask to get included as part of the contribution.

We do ask that you share your samples using this centralized community organization to avoid broken links or other accidental updates on the sample after the submission. This makes it easier for everyone to find the awesome work you’ve done.

Also, we intentionally want to have the community lead samples and project isolated to a specific organization to ensure that there’s clear messaging around the supportability of these community lead projects. These samples and projects might also have Microsoft employees involved, but they do not have direct support options from Microsoft.

Image pnp github


Depending on the type of your sample, here’s a list of repositories where you can submit your sample. We do welcome contributions for all of these repositories.

This community work is a partnership with external community member, Microsoft Cloud Advocates and numerous engineering organizations in the Microsoft.

How to get support for contributions to GitHub?

You might feel overwhelmed getting started contributing to open-source initiatives, but we got you covered. This is not hard at all, and we can help. We have a specific Sharing is Caring initiate targeted for helping everyone in the community to get started on different community areas, including on the GitHub contributions. We provide specific training sessions with hands-on guidance on how to guide you.

We continuing to bring new Microsoft owned repositories to this centralized location to increase discoverability of all the great samples which are out there. Also, we are looking into providing more specific set of search criteria based on additional sample metadata. For example, this will help to find samples which are using specific versions of the technology.

We strive to continue to evolve this sample gallery during upcoming years. This is just a start. Please do join on our public Microsoft 365 platform (PnP) community calls and share your input and feedback.

Sharing is caring. Happy coding! 🧡


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