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Vesa Juvonen

Updated getting started tutorials now available

SharePoint Framework is now in the Release Candidate status and we are closing in the General Availability (GA). As part of the release activities, we are starting to push out more and more documentation around the SharePoint Framework and how to build your own custom client-side web part using this modern platform. If you have not yet had a change to look into the SharePoint Framework development, we would suggest you to check out the available tutorials. These tutorials will demonstrate and guide you through the steps of setting up your development environment and how to get started with the SharePoint Framework client-side web part development. 

Tutorial list

Here are the available tutorials around SharePoint Framework. You’ll find written format of the tutorial and also recorded video, which you can follow to see how to get started with the basic development tasks. You can find link to YouTube recordings from start of the each written tutorial article. 

If you have not yet setup your development environment for SharePoint Framework, you can find following guidance for the required steps.

Additional resources around SharePoint Framework

Here are some additional resources around the SharePoint Framework development topics

If you have any questions, comments or feedback around PnP initiative, these tutorials or this blog post, please use the Microsoft Tech Community (SharePoint Developer group) or the issue list in the sp-dev-docs repository.

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft – 25th of January 2017

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