Yaojin Yang

Senior Program Manager, Developer Division at Microsoft

A PM with experiences on developing commerce products and now is focusing on Java on VS Code.

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About Upgrading to Java 11 for VS Code for Java

Since the introduction of Java 11 requirement for running VS Code for Java, we have constantly heard from our users that they thought Java 8 is no longer supported, which is NOT true. In this blog, we will explain the requirement itself and provide steps for you to upgrade smoothly and quickly without impact your project.

Java on Visual Studio Code Update – July 2020

Java on VS Code update for July introduces new features of Project Manager and Extension Guide aiming for improving getting started experience. This edition also introduces Just My Code and other enhancements for debugging.

Java on Visual Studio Code Update – June 2020

Java on VS Code update for June introduces Java installer pack for MacOS and code completion for Lightweight Mode. This edition also reminds that soon, Java 11 or above version will be required to run your VS Code for Java.

Java on Visual Studio Code Update – May 2020

Welcome back to the May update of Java on Visual Studio Code. Your satisfaction continuously motivates us delivering the best product for you. Therefore, whatever it is a new feature or an enhancement, we hope you like it. In this update, we will show enhancements on Java side that make the product more friendly and also answer a frequently...

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