Azure IoT Edge for VS Code 1.2.0 has been released – Now run IoT Edge modules with simulator

Xin Shi

Now Azure IoT Edge for VS Code 1.2.0 has been released with a bunch of new features.

What’s new in IoT Edge for VS Code 1.2.0

1.Now you and run IoT Edge solution with the built-in IoT Edge simulator without deploying to IoT Edge device.

2.You can watch the logs of all modules at the same when running the solution with the simulator.

3.Now both remote debug configuration (attach mode) and native debug configuration (launch mode) are added by default.

4.You can debug multiple modules (attach mode) at the same time.

5.You can bring your ASA job from Azure cloud to Azure IoT Edge in VS Code now.

6.You can create/add C module with C Device SDK now.

7.You can create an IoT Edge automatic deployment.


  • IoT Edge for Visual Studio Code –
  • IoT Edge for VSTS –
  • iotedgedev CLI –
  • iotedgehubdev CLI –


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