Join us at Microsoft Build 2023 to learn more about Consumer Identity (CIAM) with Microsoft Entra

James Casey

Come see us at Microsoft Build

We’re going to be at Microsoft Build next week, May 23-25, and I wanted to highlight some of the sessions you can attend to learn more about implementing Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) with Microsoft Entra. Microsoft Build is the highlight of our year as we get to go deep with you, our developer community. This year the External Identities and Identity SDK teams will be hosting several sessions to share our latest news and gather your feedback and insights.


This year we have two in-person breakout sessions and one virtual on-demand session. The breakout sessions are:

Our on-demand session is:

  • Explore CIAM capabilities with External Identities in Microsoft Entra: External Identities in Microsoft Entra supports CIAM and B2B applications so you can leverage beloved B2C features like customization, security, and extensibility in a familiar but new platform. Learn about why this is different from other IdP options, unique benefits like one MSAL library for all apps, and be inspired by new possibilities to transform your digital experiences.

Give us your feedback

Finally, we’d love to hear your feedback on our product and roadmap. We’ll be hosting four product roundtable sessions you can sign up in advance:

  • External Identities in Microsoft Entra: the future of creative brand experiences!: We’re diving into the endless potential of creative brand experiences for applications offered through External Identities in Microsoft Entra. Developers will be able to openly create these experiences on a trusted, secure by default platform, protected by Azure. Come give us your insights and feedback.

  • The vision of the future with Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) as an authentication broker: The Identity SDK team is focused on improving the developer experience for folks building secure authentication flows in their applications. As part of this work, we started integrating better with authentication brokers, such as the one built into Windows, or available on mobile devices. In this session, the team would like to discuss the implications of this shift on developer workflows, application updates, security considerations, and other areas that might impact the development lifecycle.

  • Native Authentication for Customer-Facing Applications: Ever wonder if it’s easy to implement native authentication experiences, including user onboarding experiences, upholding brand consistency, and finding the right balance between security and user experience? It’s a lot to consider! But now we have the opportunity to learn about your specific use cases, challenges, and unmet needs, and with your feedback we will shape the native authentication future.

  • Technology Vendor Integrations for B2C and B2B applications – Present and Future with Microsoft Entra: Tell our product team and hear from your peers about architectural and business opportunities to enable secure but flexible technology integrations in apps for employees, partners, and customers.

How to register

Register now and join us at Microsoft Build, either in-person or virtually, and learn more about External Identities in Microsoft Entra. We can’t wait to see you there!


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