Azure AD is being renamed to Microsoft Entra ID

James Casey

Today, one of the key announcements at Reimagine secure access with Microsoft Entra is that Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is being renamed to Microsoft Entra ID as part of our commitment to simplify secure access experiences for everyone.

We launched Microsoft Entra as a new name for all of our identity and access products last year, with Azure AD becoming a part of Microsoft Entra product family along with two new products – Permissions Management and Verified ID. Microsoft Entra product family has since grown to include Identity Governance, External Identities, and Workload Identities. Today we announced the expansion of Microsoft Entra into Security Service Edge (SSE) category with the launch of two new products – Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access.

Renaming our hero cloud identity product – Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID, and unifying all identity and secure access products under Microsoft Entra name will make it easier for security teams to use all its capabilities to protect various identities and access points. The Microsoft Entra ID name is also more aligned with our multicloud, multiplatform approach, as more customers adopt our identity solution to securely connect every application and resource.

No action is needed from customers

Customers who are using Azure AD today or are currently deploying Azure AD in their organizations can continue to use the service without interruption. All existing deployments, configurations, and integrations will continue to function as they do today, as do all capabilities and features.

All licensing plans, pricing and service level agreements for Azure AD and Microsoft 365 plans that include Azure AD remain the same; only display names for the service plans are changing.

To make the transition seamless, we are not changing any code that would impact functionality or your work. For example, existing login URLs, APIs, PowerShell cmdlets, and libraries within the Microsoft identity platform such as Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) are not changing.

The name change will start appearing across Microsoft experiences after a 30-day notification period which started July 11, 2023. Display names for SKUs and Service Plans will change on October 1, 2023. We expect most name text string changes in Microsoft services to be completed by the end of 2023.

Identity developer experiences are not impacted by the rename

Microsoft Identity Platform encompasses all our identity and access developer assets. The name of Microsoft Identity Platform is not changing, and we’re committed to delivering resources for you to learn how to secure access for everyone and everything.

Naming is also not changing for:

You’re an important part of this journey

We are grateful for your continued partnership in building a safer world for all, and we’d like your help spreading the word about the change and implementing it in your own experiences. We are providing complete naming guidance in Microsoft Learn and ask that you please update customer-facing content and experiences with the new name in 2023.

Thank you!



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  • Timothy Carroll 29

    This is a joke right? You aren’t actually renaming a product that everybody immediately recognizes by name built on top of a near ubiquitous presence in the enterprise for nearly three decades (Active Directory) to…. Entra ID?

    Nobody is going to call it that. And it’s just going to create massive confusion.

    • Luke D 2

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! It is a joke!

  • Max Bell 13

    Congrats on another bone-headed rebranding. Just as I will never call Intune “Endpoint Manager” or Yammer “Viva Engage”, I will never refer to Azure AD as “Entra ID”. You’ve created another massive exercise for countless staff both inside and outside Microsoft for absolutely zero benefit. All you’ve done is create confusion where none existed previously. Azure and Active Directory are widely recognised and established brands in the industry while Entra ID means nothing to anyone and the name is completely unintuitive and disconnected from the purpose of the service. I do hope that the sensible people at Microsoft are soon able to wrest control back from the inmates that are currently running the asylum.

  • James Shield 1

    Thank you, having to have the same conversations about the difference between AD, AAD, AD hosted in Azure, AADDS, etc will hopefully now be reduced by this move. Additionally recognizing the ever expanding user base of azure and entra services is appreciated.

  • Mykii Liu 2

    I’m pretty sure that I heard several puppies get kicked and saw a few admins attempt to commit suicide after learning about this.

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