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Using the Microsoft Authentication Library with the Windows authentication broker

One of the interesting developments in the last few years in the field of authentication is the use of authentication brokers. Authentication brokers help make your applications more secure and resilient by enabling developers to remove the need to handle refresh tokens, simplify the user authentication flow and remove any variability from it, and take advantage of more complex authentication features, like Windows Hello, conditional access, and FIDO keys.

Improved Windows Broker Support with MSAL.NET

The Identity SDK team just released a brand-new version of the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for .NET that introduces an improved experience for developers using authentication brokers to simplify how they acquire and use tokens in their applications. To take advantage of the new broker functionality, developers will need to use the...

How the Microsoft identity platform helps developers manage identity risk

Our vision for the Microsoft identity platform is to create a thriving developer and app ecosystem that makes securing identities easy. In fact, over one million applications use our platform, performing over eight billion authentications per day. We combine this with the 65 trillion signals that Microsoft Security processes each day to help ...

Update your applications from ADAL to MSAL

Since the release of Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) we have made considerable progress in evolving the Microsoft identity platform developer tools, consistently bringing new features and capabilities that enable developers to build secure applications with minimal friction. As we grew the platform, we also learned that ...